Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bubble Love- Sweet Heart Valentine- ACEO

Heart bubbles floating aimlessly through this sweet pink illustrated ACEO. Delight someone with this whimsical ACEO measuring 2.5 by 3.5 inches for Valentines day! Capture their heart with this ity bity treasure of art.

Printed on luminous cardstock for a hint of sparkle with Vivera professional inks that are guaranteed to last up to 75 years plus when properly protected.

ACEO comes signed, dated, titled, and numbered on the back and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve and cardboard mailer designed for photos and small artwork.

Limited Edition of 100.

To purchase go to Always Adorable Etsy or Always Adorable Artfire

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Newbie and Undiscovered Beauty: Featured #2

My newbie for the week is from Cowrie Girl Designs, eclectic innovation. Her new earrings display a fabulous maroon recycled bead, and beautiful lines! Go visit her lovely Etsy shop to see more great jewelry. Her views are pretty good, so don't would be a shame if they were gone before you could see them!

I am thrilled to show off eternalimages photo notecards as an undiscovered beauty!!! I had to pick these because I was blown away by the loveliness of all her photos and honestly could not pick just one! This was the best of both worlds. Take a moment and browse her shop at eternalimages her Etsy shop.

And as always, there links will stay located in the sidebar under featured sellers till next Tuesday! And if you want to be featured next, this is the criteria:
  1. You must be a handmade crafter/artist with a shop either on Etsy or Artfire. (sorry no supplies)
  2. Leave a comment with a little bit about your shop and your favorite item you want featured with a link to your shop and item with...
  3. some constructive feedback for the featured item of that week you comment on for the seller/sellers of the post on their items and or shop in general.
  4. follow my blog and twitter!
  5. tweet about the feature post!!!
Any seller can be featured whether you are a brand new seller with no/few sales or a seller who has had some success!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bee Happy little ACEO

The last few months of learning the ins and outs of business and maintaining a craft that I enjoy and love has been quite the discovery. For one, I have learned that I am a workaholic to my family's dismay. The new year comes with goals of balance and hardwork! But just recently I found a way to do what I love, within a time frame that leaves peace and harmony within my life for well, a life. The answer has come in the form of ACEOs.

These are mini delights of art that the aspiring collector, other artists, and admirers can attain through purchase with minimal investment. In other words, great art at great prices! Just my thing.

With that said, this is what inspired me today to create. My first ACEO of a quirky little bee that lives life with skies the limit! This collectible 2.5 by 3.5 limited edition ACEO print of 10, with its bright and cheerful colors, 'Bee Happy' will be a cherished little treasure of art available at Always Adorable Artfire.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Newbie and Undiscovered Beauty: Featured Artists/Crafters of the week

With the new year rolling around I would love to start featuring items or artists that are new within that week or have not had a sale within that month! It is so easy to be buried in the masses of wonderfully created items. Your link will also be listed on the sidebar under featured sellers. If you would like to be featured next, this is the criteria:
  1. You must be a handmade crafter/artist with a shop either on Etsy or Artfire. (sorry no supplies)
  2. Leave a comment with a little bit about you, being a newbie or and undiscovered beauty, with your favorite item you want featured with a link to your shop and item with...
  3. some constructive feedback for the featured item of that week you comment on for the seller/sellers of the post on their items and or shop in general.
So as an example I will use my shop for starters.

A Newbie: Spring Dream Print from Always Adorble at Etsy

Breath in the fresh crisp air and sweet cherry blossoms. Hear the soft whisper of butterfly wings in the spring dream. Everything gleaming from a hint of sunshine delight!

What room wouldn't be brightened and cheered up with this beautiful print. Every hand drawn and colored butterfly and blossom has been expertly formed for whimsy and lightness.

Printed on an 8 x 10 professionaly printed glossy photo paper that will last for 75 years plus when properly protected!

Comes titled, signed, dated and numbered on the back making it a valuable art piece and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve.

Undiscoverd Beauty: Live Love Laugh Print from Always Adorable on Artfire

Vibrantly cheerful way to brighten a home. Each flower letter was drawn and colored by hand then digitally grouped together.

Professionally printed on glossy or lustre finish photo paper.

Print is 8 x 8 inches and comes signed, dated, numbered, titled, and shipped in a plastic sleeve.

Ships within 1-2 business days of email preview approval.

When placing order, comment to seller colors for background and borders and page finish (glossy or lustre).

Okay so this is how it is done!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Dollar for shipping you say?

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I am delighted with Artfire, a new handmade sellers and buyers venue! Their site is phenomonal even in it beta stage. I decided to take the plunge and sell all my wonderfully handcrafted items and beautiful designs there! And just because I love Artfire, I am sharing the love with all my buyers. When you buy two or more items shipping is a dollar on each item, instead of usual shipping costs! I send first class and priority so you only pay a few dollars for almost instant gratification! Talk about love.

To choose all your favorite things feel free to browse my shop, Always Adorable Artfire

P.S. My etsy shop Always Adorable is still in full swing and is fully stocked as well.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Marble Alphabet Print -Limited Edition

It is finally here. After about 100 hours of hand drawing and pencil sharpening it is finished, the complete marble alphabet. It was so fun to relive a childhood fascination and transform it into something tangible! So without further ado:

To see more details on this go to my Artfire shop!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Craft Show and Dolls and Tutus, OH MY!

My first craft show happened this last weekend. I learned so many valuable skills and gained a lot experience in this five week process. The fire has been lit though and I truly love doing this.

It was great to mingle and share what I have to offer with people from all walks of life. I loved watching their eyes light up every time they picked up a doll and then fell in love with her sleepy side surpise. I loved knowing that I was brightening someones home with joy and beauty. This I will be doing again.

And for your enjoyment all the photos and new items from the show!

You can meet all the dolls individually at my etsy shop HERE.

Tutus will be listed by the end of this week!

P.S. There is no way it would have been as much fun if I hadn't been next to two of my funnest ladies and shared a booth with a Stephanie from Sweet Pea Designs.

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Items

Monday I will be showing off all my things from the craft show! This should be fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Girls' Growing Flower Garden

Girls' Growing Flower Garden
A Darling way to capture your growing bud with paintings made from a tracing of your child's hands and feet. A beautiful and unique way to display a keepsake of your child's milestones that will bring joy into your home everyday!

Each painting is made with longevity in mind. Only the best archival acid free artists paper and materials used. Click on kits to buy or go to my etsy shop directly HERE.

Basic single kit includes: -1 child-1flower
Deluxe single kit includes:- 1child-2 flowers
Premium single kit includees:-1 child-3 flowers

Double Child kit includes: -2 children-2 flowers total
Triple Child kit includes: - 3 children-3flowers total

(Size of finished product will vary due to hands and feet of child.)

Fairy Dust Tutus -

A whimsical Fairy Dust Tutu with just the right amount of magic from the second star to the right, filled with make-believe delight!

Raspberry Lemonade is one of the sweetest faeries with a heart full of fun. Every summer she takes charge of the growing of each and every plump raspberry until the picking can begin. At the end of the harvest she throws a party only she can. End of summer parities just wouldn't be the same without Raspberry Lemonade.

Perfect for hours of playing dress up, birthday parties, photos shoots, and dance recitals.

Comes with a matching hand sewn sequin flower the color of the perfect ripe raspberry. 1" no twist elastic wrapped in satin ribbon for the waist. The detailed sculpted petal shape comes in the most delightful colors of raspberry pink, a touch of sunshine yellow and of course lemon yellow.

The finest tulle is used for extra softness and double and triple layered for fluff that your fairy would be proud of! Also it is 13 inches long in length for perfect twirling.

Holiday Prices include ribbon and flower:

Please specify waist measurement with size!

Purchase HERE at my etsy shop.