Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Girls' Growing Flower Garden

Girls' Growing Flower Garden
A Darling way to capture your growing bud with paintings made from a tracing of your child's hands and feet. A beautiful and unique way to display a keepsake of your child's milestones that will bring joy into your home everyday!

Each painting is made with longevity in mind. Only the best archival acid free artists paper and materials used. Click on kits to buy or go to my etsy shop directly HERE.

Basic single kit includes: -1 child-1flower
Deluxe single kit includes:- 1child-2 flowers
Premium single kit includees:-1 child-3 flowers

Double Child kit includes: -2 children-2 flowers total
Triple Child kit includes: - 3 children-3flowers total

(Size of finished product will vary due to hands and feet of child.)

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