Sunday, November 16, 2008

Missing Your Marbles

Marble Names!

Personalize and delight your favorite boy with his very own name in some vintage charm.

A print with any color background. Specify color behind word choice, (example: Jacob, red).

8"x10" Print (1-10 letters):

Professionally printed by Costco on glossy photo paper. Also signed, titled, and dated on the back and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve. Ships within 24 hours of purchase.

When placing order comment to seller, word choice and background color choice. (sample: Mike, orange).

Print orders purchase HERE at my etsy shop.


jenandbrody said...

This is so cute! Maybe I will get one after Christmas for Lindsay's little baby. She is having a boy! What sporty balls make up the letters in Cooper? Lindsay's hubby, Chris, is all about making his son a jock! :o)

aquamarine said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for visiting.

The letters will depend on what you want. If you order a print, it will be what ever letters are in the Sports ABC's which I am hoping to have up by the end of the week.

But if you want a little more say in what goes into the name, you can order a custom and request up to three balls for the chosen name.

I hope this helps! And so exciting for Lindsey and Chris!