Monday, December 15, 2008

Craft Show and Dolls and Tutus, OH MY!

My first craft show happened this last weekend. I learned so many valuable skills and gained a lot experience in this five week process. The fire has been lit though and I truly love doing this.

It was great to mingle and share what I have to offer with people from all walks of life. I loved watching their eyes light up every time they picked up a doll and then fell in love with her sleepy side surpise. I loved knowing that I was brightening someones home with joy and beauty. This I will be doing again.

And for your enjoyment all the photos and new items from the show!

You can meet all the dolls individually at my etsy shop HERE.

Tutus will be listed by the end of this week!

P.S. There is no way it would have been as much fun if I hadn't been next to two of my funnest ladies and shared a booth with a Stephanie from Sweet Pea Designs.


themommie said...

the dolls are adorable, one of my friends made one of these tutus for my daughter for her birthday she loved it....themommie

aquamarine said...

Why thank you themommie! So glad to have to my blog as well.