Monday, December 29, 2008

A Newbie and Undiscovered Beauty: Featured #2

My newbie for the week is from Cowrie Girl Designs, eclectic innovation. Her new earrings display a fabulous maroon recycled bead, and beautiful lines! Go visit her lovely Etsy shop to see more great jewelry. Her views are pretty good, so don't would be a shame if they were gone before you could see them!

I am thrilled to show off eternalimages photo notecards as an undiscovered beauty!!! I had to pick these because I was blown away by the loveliness of all her photos and honestly could not pick just one! This was the best of both worlds. Take a moment and browse her shop at eternalimages her Etsy shop.

And as always, there links will stay located in the sidebar under featured sellers till next Tuesday! And if you want to be featured next, this is the criteria:
  1. You must be a handmade crafter/artist with a shop either on Etsy or Artfire. (sorry no supplies)
  2. Leave a comment with a little bit about your shop and your favorite item you want featured with a link to your shop and item with...
  3. some constructive feedback for the featured item of that week you comment on for the seller/sellers of the post on their items and or shop in general.
  4. follow my blog and twitter!
  5. tweet about the feature post!!!
Any seller can be featured whether you are a brand new seller with no/few sales or a seller who has had some success!


Heathen's Hearth said...

Awesome :) I'm still trying to follow, maybe one of these days blogspot will behave itself. :)

Stitchgirl52 said...

Just wanted to let ya know I stopped by.

Now back to chat.


alwaysadorable said...

Thanks Heathen and Stitchgirl! Glad to have you on my blog.

Eternal Images said...

Thanks! What a nice suprise!!!

Pinka said...

Wow! The featured item is stunning! If I wore earrings I'd jump on those! :-) I can tell that Cowriegirl put a lot of time into her photography because it really shows. There are a couple pics that are a tad blurry but it can be that my eyes are just a bit dry too. :-)

I just opened my shop on Artfire plus have a shop in Etsy. Trying to see where I can make my first sale. Here is my favorite item listed:
I know the photography is not as professional as it can, but I do not have a very good camera right now so it's all I can do for now. :-)
I love to bead crochet so most of my items are rope bracelets. I'm just so addicted that I can't stop myself! :-)

alwaysadorable said...

Glad you found me Pinka! I will definitely look into your shop. Thanks for commenting!

Ripper Arts said...

I love the earings. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Please check out my blog. Just started via blogger today!