Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Worlds, One Artist

I think I dream in colored pencil where life is vibrant, cheerful and colorful. Everything emanates a joyous vibe. You know all that peace, love and happiness. No rules to live by, no schedule to keep. Drumming to my own artists beat. ;)

But then you have the more serious and dedicated side of me, that wants a window into that crazy colorful world with just a splash of color. Like a smoldering red lipstick next to that perfect black dress to keep things interesting, but never veering to far from the side of elegant, sophisticated, and regal.

One of these days I will meet the artist that makes up both of them, equally balanced. Until then I treasure the journey.


Baroness Bijoutery said...

I really like your two different pics you posted...the very colorful one is great. My eye is drawn more though to you second one. I like the subtle touch of color with the sleek black lines. My jewelry is alot like that. I like the elegance with a subtle touch of playfulness and humor but always making that quiet statement. You second pick says all that. Beautiful work.

DaynaDos said...

Love it!

alwaysadorable said...

Thanks both of you! Great to see a new comer. Welcome DaynaDos!!!