Friday, February 6, 2009

Last Chances and Good Cents

Just a quick pop in today.

But I had to share some fabulous sites with my crafting community. This past week I have been Indiana Jones of the lost Craft seeking out sites that are all about handmade goodness. So with out further ado get your bookmarking fingers ready:

  1. TryHandmade's add your link page: uploads your RSS feed with your shop ID's into their random shop generator for Etsy and Artfire shops. Cool, huh! Also make sure you check out the home page to see just how great your blogsite is!!! It will blow your mind.
  2. Mady By Hand. By Me. ( is a fresh very new, but promising site for handmade artisans and membership is free!
  3. Handmadeology: is a blog type site run by Timothy Adams whose knowledge of online venues is quite extensive. Go padawan, you will learn much.
  4. Plaincraft: quite free and entertaining. You submit items you would like voted on. If it is popular enough it stays at the top of the list. Free advertising was never so much fun.
  5. Do a giveaway for a seller on your blog, or offer a giveaway on someone else's blog that is close to your target market. For the price of what you give away you will be astounded by the traffic! And speaking of giveaways...
Last chance to get free soap from soapdeli! The winner will be picked tomorrow.

Follow this link to take you to pamper heaven!

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