Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snarky Sells

I have noticed a trend in online venues. The value of snarky.

Here is one definition of snarky: Adjective - Any language that contains quips or comments containing sarcastic or satirical witticisms intended as blunt irony. Usually delivered in a manner that is somewhat abrupt and out of context and intended to stun and amuse.

Take WryandGinger , staceyrebbecca and mincingmockingbird for examples.

Here is a prime example, of using your actual product with the snarky factor by WryandGinger:

And here we have a witty title by mincingmockingbird

It Is Folly To Assume My Awesome Lies Dormant - A Book Of Mincing Mockingbird Paintings It Is Folly To Assume My Awesome Lies Dormant - A Book Of Mincing Mockingbird Paintings

and last but not least a snarky listing description by staceyrebbecca from her "Bees are the new Owl Finger Puppet" listing:

That's right! Bees are the IT! They say spring, they say fashion, they say "I make your honey and keep your earth entirely sustainable and without me, you best consider figuring out how to pollinate thems crops all up with your bad selves--and ya know what? We're goin all KINDS of extinct on your face, so you best watch yourself the next time you complain that 'earmarks' went to fund our species alive..oh, and the rest of the ecosystem as well, which, last I checked included humans? Yeah, that's why we get less than the cost of just one Senator McCain's houses to fund the repopulation of YOUR survival. mmmk?thxbye!"

wow, bees can be snotty.

That's right, friends, 1.7 million dollars was awarded to fight the unsettling continued disappearance of honeybees in the world.

why are bees so necessary?

Because they're ADORABLE, of course!

man, you people are dense sometimes.

/!\ CAUTION: small parts. Bees kill babies and irresponsible people who decide to swallow things they shouldn't. This is not a cat toy. seriously. It is also not a bedpan or a mop.

Honestly the list can go on and on! Now granted, they have a price range that the average buyer could purchase an item, and the item is specialized, saying they make one particular thing with variation and make it well and the photos are smashing good! But the addition of their wit and ability to entertain sets their shops apart. Much can be learned by combing their shops!

So my tip of the day, if your shops warrants a bit of snarkiness, give it a go!** Let it shine in your listings for a better chance to sell. Not only does a buyer get a great item, but entertainment as well.

**by no means I am I endorsing or condoning the use of your snarkiness towards others...just for the things in your shop. :)


Self Production Design said...

I absolutely adore when staceyrebecca posts new items just because I enjoy her snarky descriptions oh-so-much!

Snark definitely has it's place, among those of us who appreciate it anyways. ;)

alwaysadorable said...

Exactly, Self Production Design! If you love the snarky use it. :)