Monday, March 2, 2009

Tid bits.

In my efforts to be positive in this economy with the added bonus of starting up a new business, (not sure what was I thinking two years ago when I procrastinated!) I decided to list some tidbits of good news.

What do you think? Do they 'pop'? I would love to know what you all think!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Yes they POP....great pictures. Love your dolls. Congrats on your new positive feedback...and you deserve it your work is great.

Sylvia C. said...

I am so happy for you to have captured these great shots!

Good photos really do make all the difference!

Good luck!

Sylvia C.


hi.. could you please take a look at my todays post and share with all your friends .. this family needs our help
all our love
mona & the girls

libertydoll said...

Your dolls are so beautiful! Love the photo's. You really did a good job.

Ripper Arts said...

Oh, yes! The pictures are great! Keep it up!

QuirkyDolls said...

Great pictures! I recently got a camera with macro and boy what a difference, I love the closeups. sometimes I get tooo close and show fuzz or a wrinkle or a glue drop that I didn't even notice and I have to do a repair and reshoot!
the camera has better vision than me:(