Monday, May 4, 2009

Obsession...for paper?

Who knew that it was possible to fall in love with a paper? But it is true.

I did a custom print for a client and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge that came with trying something new, albeit a bit scary at first, the exileration at the end was totally worth it. I found out about Somerset Velvet paper from Just saying those words has me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now I am obsessed trying to find the best supplier so that I can start my own velvet watercolor paper colony. Well, all right, I wouldn't leave my life behind for a paper, but it is close.

The print I had placed on it looks gorgeous and creamy, but still translucent like a watercolor dream. I truly had a hard time parting with it. I am sure my client will find a bit of shock over the super careful packaging. Damage just was not an option!

Take a gander!

go ahead click it for a closer inspection...I know I did. :D


belleandboo said...

it surely is a beautiful paper x

Chrisy said...

This is very sure your client will be super pleased...and yes a beautiful paper that would be heaven!

lucidRose said...

wow....that paper sounds super ultra luxurious- thanks for hipping me to it.
....i just stumbled across you blog and saw this super cute and dazzling mermaid piece of yours...and being the mermaid addict that i am, im now hooked!
thanks for sharing
-Chelsea Rose

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

I just stumbled on your blog when you left a comment on mine. You do beautiful work! I think you'd make an awesome illustrator!