Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why I Look Forward to Thursdays!

This amazing blog is chalk full of inspiration, genius, and delightful artistic fun, whatever medium you choose to express yourself in! Every Thursday Natasha, (also known as DoodleStar on Etsy) posts all of the artists' work that fit the theme she gave the prior Friday. I am telling you this is the best grown up version of show and tell, that will inspire your creative genius to come play!

Besides having a fabulous Thursday post, she also does completely thought compelling posts the other days of the weeks! Please go over and take a peek and support what art really is all about!

This week's theme is "Dreaming in Color". Our inspiration pictures that Natasha found are of the Aurora Borialis, Notherns lights shimmering along a night time sky.

I loved that flowing idea of color and also wanted something to represent myself as an artist. This is my entry:

"Imagination's Slumber"-16x20 Acrylic Original Painting

The mind is an amazing and intricate place, where imagination and dreams roam free; where color takes to life with great sweeping motions to reach the deepest secrets and the brightest memories and pour them out one dream at a time.

I imagined a face in the night sky, but stars didn't seem right, so I used her features in sparkling white detail to imitate stars. Her hair starts out normal and spreads and becomes vibrant as she dreams, sometimes wild, sometimes calmly, rolling like the waves of an ocean.

The first shot is the full painting, and the second is the up close of the face at night.

The third and fourth picture are photographs taken of the original painting during the day. Help to see how the painting would be viewed through out the day. I hope you all enjoy!



she's so pretty..
mermaid pretty...

and thanks for the follow
strawberry girl..hehe

hope you saw some sunshine today.
mona and the girls.

alwaysadorable said...

Thanks so much Gaffergirls! And yes I did see sunshine...quite a bit! ;-)

Garden Gate Designs said...

I love the vivid colors. So beautiful.

Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs