Monday, March 30, 2009

Two More with Great Hair...Really It Is Quite Unfair

I have to admit, I am having way more fun than I thought I would reliving my childhood through fairy tale illustrations. Each night I have found myself snuggled up with the kids reading fairy tale bedtime stories only to find myself anxious to draw my findings as soon as I know they are tucked in as snug as a bug in a rug.

So last week, after coming to terms with my jealousy over the luxurious hair bestowed upon such creatures in these stories, I read Hans Christian Andersen's tale, A Little Mermaid.

Definitely not the glamorized Disney version with Ariel, which I have to say is what I love about the classics! Such a torn, and thoughtful being the mermaid was! My favorite part of the story is her courage to choose good no matter the cost and do it with great hair.

We also read Rapunzel, by the Brothers Grimm. I just can't imagine what hair washing day must have been like! But I could see a day spent air drying her golden locks while singing with Mr. Blue Jay for voice lessons. I mean she had to do something to pass the time away!

And here is a tidbit I found out in my research of these wondrous stories, Hans-yes we are a first name basis now, actually found the story of the princess and the pea silly! To quote his word towards the ending of the story,
" ...though for the life of me I can't understand why the silly Prince wanted a wife with such tender feelings."

Yes, be so tender as to be battered and bruised by a sweet pea. Can you image?


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Great your drawings they are stunning.

Gaston Studio said...

Yes, your drawings are awesome.

septembermom said...

Those drawings are great. Such vibrant color and dancing light throughout the pictures. I love your blog and how you express yourself in your art. I'm glad that I dropped by.

Karen Vaughn said...

Your drawings are beautiful. Love your post...I had the same book as a child. Now I'm going to buy it for my son. Thanks for the memories.

Carolyne said...

Those are beautiful illustrations! Your work is fabulous.