Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Series Smorgasborg

Spicing up my series with flower letters with some more custom goodness. So many choices so little time. :)

Silhouettes are so elegant and Victorian that I couldn't resist.

Then I gave Spring Butterflies and Cherry Blossoms another whirl. More margin for framing, a better crop, and a few more depth techniques really helps this piece out.

With another reading with Hans Christian Andersen I was spurred on to recreate a rendition in more muted tones than usual for me, but thought it a worthy subject.

Thumbelina found in her Tulip. One of my favorite things about her is the flowy red tulip dress with those deep green eyes.


Natasha said...

I love all the pieces you have here..but I especially love Thumblina...she's adorable...(pun intended) My daughter was sitting on my lap when I opened the page and she went nuts. Great work..I've been following for awhile but just became a follower AND wanted to give you an award...please visit my blog for the Kreativ Blogger award!!

traci said...

Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love that strawberry print in your etsy shop. What a talent.