Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AH-HA! Moment

You know the moment that your brain clicks with an idea that has just been surfacing enough to tickle your imagination but not showing enough to be an actual tangible idea? This has been me for weeks with my Flower Letters. They are so versatile but I just couldn't quite put my finger on what I had planned next. And as luck would have it, a custom order came along that was just different enough to push me outside of my usual.

Here is the picture show of my progress...

My first sketch did not go over to well. It was way over done and simply to busy.

So I gave it another shot with the words 'organic' and 'understated' rolling around my mind.

This went over much better, so much so she had me proceed and here was my 'ah-ha' moment. I need to make sure I am still open to all the styles that are mine, not just the current style my mood might be in. This work is still very imprinted with my artwork stamp, but it is given a chance to not be my normal thing either.

The first complete of the set of three color pencil Tulip Name Drawings:

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Carolee said...

Wow, that's pretty cool.

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belleandboo said...

what a lovely idea, how pretty

Feramorz said...

I'm impressed

mushroommeadows said...

The tulips are lovely!